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We provide professional contract review services, with experts covering all types of commercial disputes. 

We recognise that sometimes businesses are put under pressure, to sign agreements within a short space of time. Contracts can be long-winded and hard to interpret. Therefore, important clauses are often missed.

Our contract review consultants specialise in commercial contract compliance for multiple business sectors and help companies with internal contract processes, document review and GDPR.

What Does the Service Include:

  • Full review of your key rights and obligations in the contract document
  • Complete business analysis  to ensure full compliance
  • Liaison with business owners to advise necessary changes 
  • Immediately flagging company risk for intervention 
  • Full contract analysis of classic fail clauses
  • Converting time-sensitive opportunities into sales
  • Effectively documenting all change requests 
  • Implementation of automated processes to ensure long term stability  
Contract review

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